We believe that in order to fulfill our mission of providing the most outstanding service experience possible, our system must include more than just the way we clean inside your home. Our cleaning system begins the moment you call us, whether you have questions, need an estimate, or are a dedicated client ready to schedule your third cleaning, With this in mind, we have created a cleaning system that encompasses the total customer experience, start to finish.

This system includes:

  • Dedicated Staff
  • Confirmation Calls
  • Our Exclusive Cleaning and Drying Results
  • Follow-up Calls
  • Feedback/Testimonials
  • Referral Rewards Program

The 12-Step Carpet Cleaning Experience 

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
We identify potentially permanent stains to give you a reasonable expectation of the final results.

Step 2: Commercial Pre-Vacuum
We pre-vacuum which allows us to remove 80% of the dry soil.

Step 3: Move Furniture
This step is optional. We can clean the traffic areas in your home without moving any furniture.

Step 4: Prepare
We lay down drop cloths to protect wood floors and we place corner guards at the main transitions to protect walls and trim.

Step 5: Pre-Spot
We pre-treat difficult stains to increase chance of removal.

Step 6: Pre-Spray
We apply a preconditioning agent to emulsify and break down the soil and oils. Then we agitate any areas that need extra attention.

Step 7: Clean
We run over the carpet with our rotary jet extractor. Then we do a dry stroke that allows us to recover up to 90% of the moisture we used.

Step 8: Post Spot
We re-treat and re-clean any areas that seem like we could make an additional improvement.

Step 9: Apply Protector
We apply Teflon protector and groom it in so it gets fully dispersed on all of the fibers.

Step 10: Post Groom
We rake out our footprints to make sure we didn’t miss anything and to set the pile so it will dry faster.

Step 11: Speed Dry
As we finish cleaning we set up our down draft air-mover. This takes the warmer, dryer ambient air and blows it down across the surface of the carpet so it usually dries to the touch in 5-6 hours.

Step 12: Post Cleaning Inspection
We make sure every area looks perfect, or as close to it as we can make it!