6 Core Values – Integrity

In this video, Founder and President of Clean ‘n Dry LLC, Matthew Richerzhagen, shares the fourth of their 6 core values, Integrity, that the company has leveraged to become the Premiere Provider of Cleaning Services in the Valley by Providing the Most Outstanding Service Experience Possible. Integrity is what we are when we think no one is watching. Someone is always watching. Even if no one is watching, God is watching. Always do the right thing. Always. You will sleep better at night. It will improve all your relationships.
We are committed to always do the right thing regards of the cost. We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled with your service experience we will rush back to remedy the situation. If you are still not satisfied we will gladly issue you a full and complete refund. Look we live in a very small town. We are going to run into our clients at the park, in the grocery store, and on the street. We want to live in such a way that we are always glad to see everyone and they are glad to see us. There is no better way to live. Blessings!