Fall is a wonderful time but Old Man Winter is just around the corner

Here is a list to help you be prepared:

Clean off your roof valleys and gutters (water damns can cause water leaks that can lead to expensive repairs.)
Change your furnace air filter-or clean it (this saves energy and assures that you are breathing fresh clean air.)
Blow out your underground sprinklers.
Disconnect outside water hose spigots (even if they are frost free they will freeze and break if a hose is hooked to them and they are full of water.)
Plant fall bulbs.
Cover your garden or flower beds with leaves or other compost so they are put away for the winter.
Clean and put away Spring and Summer items so they are out of the way all winter when you won’t be using them.
Get your carpets cleaned to have a nice fresh indoor environment for the long winter ahead.

Squirrels prepare shouldn’t you?

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